Wine tasting in Lerins Abbey, Salut des Freres

Met my very first Benedictine monks today-the monks of Lerins Abbey are renowned for the wine they make in the Ile de lerins.

The monks, ranging in age from about 18 to their 80’s have lived on the island for the last 16 centuries- living to the rhythm of the community and monastic life of poverty, chastity and obedience.

They monks love making wine on an 8 hectare vineyard that consists of 5 micro terroirs planted with red and white grapes.

The grapes, the terroir and the climate have magically produced some great wines of spirituality- seven different cuvees. The wines are produced in an ancestral way. The monks of the Lerins Abbey love making the wines between prayers and hard work.

We loved your wine!

By the way, they don’t wear Nike under their robes-I asked!


Cindy Ferrie

Cindy Ferrie Marketing Strategist

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