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Export Marketing Strategy

Looking to increase sales and reinforce your brand image in the export market?

Reach your export goals! Find more customers. More profits. Discover more export opportunities.

Exporting means more customers wanting more of your products – and that’s good news!

Although exporting may seem daunting, it’s easier than you might imagine. We provide a wealth of support and expertise.

We love raising awareness of the BC’s growing reputation as a world class wine producing region!

We provide market intelligence and advice, and create winning government funding grants.

Let us connect you to more buyers. We help wineries:

  • Gain market access to key regions around the world
  • Increase export sales
  • Reinforce their brand image via market trade shows, industry specific tastings and educational programs.

While we take care of your visits, you have more time to focus on the “heart” of your visit.

We specialize in bringing recognized wine experts (wine editors, wine journalists, sommeliers and Masters of Wine) to visit our clients’ wineries so they can learn first-hand about the wines and the terroir.

Whether you are a group of wineries or an individual winery, we can organize your events in specific markets to create a stronger brand presence.

We’ll help you bring the passion, enthusiasm and story of your brand to the world.

We’ll help you build your brand by participating in targeted market trade shows, industry specific tastings and educational programs.

We love helping BC wineries bring their wines to the world.

It’s easy to get started.


Exporting to the U.S.

Are you a winery owner and want to start exploring your opportunities in the US as a first time exporter?
Are you having difficulty understanding the complexities of the US wine distribution market?
Do you need a knowledgeable expert to handle the administrative responsibilities?

Whatever your situation, we have the export expertise and experience to assist you.

We’ll help you prevent early, costly mistakes, and retain more control over your brand. Some of our export services include:

• Guidance on exporting and how to navigate the U.S. market successfully
• FDA registrations and Prior Notice
• Advice on pricing, label design and branding
• Importer search and selection, based on carefully vetted criteria
• Wholesaler and retailer liaison
• Marketing and distribution advice
• Customized reports on the market, resources and recommendations

Through our extensive network of distributor relationships, years on the ground marketing wines and in-depth familiarity with the entire process from port to consumer, we are able to support your needs at every turn.

Exporting Globally

Canada is known for being a “green” country which produces safe, high-quality products.
 Simply by being Canadian, your wines are in demand in traditional, established export markets like Europe and the US, as well as in the high-growth economies of China. For example, in China, there is a strong demand for imported wine driven by improved living standards and increased disposable incomes. Wine is also increasingly seen as a ‘status symbol.’

Different global markets invariably have different and often new ideas, management practices, marketing techniques and ways of competing.

Foreign markets are more diverse, and consumer habits and needs differ in each country, thereby offering increased opportunities for your wines.

Improve your business profile

Talk about how your wine is sold in Europe, the US, or China, etc. and you’ll find that your credibility and reputation significantly improves.

How we help

We’ll focus on the specific requirements of your individual situation.

• Analyzing export needs; “matchmaking” the producer to the importer within a number of markets; helping create the right export product – wine style, packaging, etc.
• Marketing / PR – writing of marketing material (brochures, tasting notes, vintage reports, etc.); PR development, including managing international presence and journalistic relations

Reach more customers and increase your sales. Start Benefiting from Exporting.

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