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Does your company have a well-defined process for nurturing leads and building relationships? If not, stop missing out on valuable sales opportunities! It’s time to get back into the driver’s seat and take off before 2013.  Contact us to jump start your sales.

Lead generation and sales are the ultimate goal of an inbound marketing strategy. Your search marketing, social media marketing, and content marketing have been bringing targeted potential buyers to your website and your blog.

Now it’s time for your call to action buttons to attract attention, promote clicks, and drive targeted buyers to optimized landing pages that convert visitors into leads.

Once a sales lead has been generated, lead nurturing and lead intelligence allows you to continue to provide value based information that can help a prospect realize the value of your offering and bring them deeper into the buying cycle.

We’ll help you:

• Develop lead generation strategies that quickly reach your target audience, capture new business opportunities and increase your ROI.
• Analyze your target market segments and company sales processes.
•  Gain a solid understanding of market and customer needs.
• Optimize various marketing channels to deliver the most market impact for your budget.
• Make sure what’s on the dashboard is what you wants to see: sales, leads, the leads that are expected to close and projected revenue.
• Achieve ROI by focusing on metrics that go beyond cost-per-lead.

We’ll provide practical, proven, cost-effective strategies for leveraging what’s working and improving what’s not working.  And, we’ll make sure your sales and marketing efforts are aligned, focused and strong.
Keep leads flowing through your sales pipeline! We’ll start by defining your ideal leads and targeting your ideal customer. Then, we’ll construct your lead generation plan, a crucial step to help you stay ahead of your competition. We focus on quality leads first, then quantity.

Revenue Plans.  We develop revenue plans with defined targets and timing. We’ll model your month-to-month revenue growth and use it to determine the number of sales people needed, estimate how quickly they will become productive, and match sales hires to your revenue projections.

Key Account Management.  We have successfully worked with its clients to develop a more strategic, proactive processes for managing key accounts.

Create Winning Value Propositions. We’ll crystallize your selling proposition into a form that connects emotionally with your target audience.  We’ll develop innovative ways to engage your audiences and motivate them to take specific actions.

Increase and Expand Your Deal Sizes. We’ll help you develop lead generation strategies that generate qualified sales leads and positively impact your top line.  Contact us to analyze all aspects of your sales cycle, including sales processes, lead generation, close rates and client relationships.

Proactively chase qualified prospects where you have a ‘right to win’. We’ll take a look at sales questions to make sure that yours are serving your clients, not a sales methodology. We’ll help you nurture and retain your top prospects so that unrecognized revenue won’t slip through the pipeline.

Retain Your Best Customers. Increasing customer loyalty is critical to your success.  We’ll develop exceptional company-wide customer care processes that are infused with your company culture and include the involvement of your top executives.

Build quality relationships with your most loyal customers.  We’ll help you focus on key accounts and new vertical markets.  And we’ll show you how to achieve an integrated communication plan with the right frequency of communications.

Achieve Breakthrough Positioning. Make a splash and stand out from the competition. Our creative thinking will help you turn up the volume, and create a platform for the service/product or campaign to be launched to your target audiences.

Create Winning Sales Presentations. Digital sales presentations communicate a message like no other media can.  Our distinctive, graphically pleasing PowerPoint templates make it easy for your sales team to easily create their own brand compliant presentations.  We can also create pre-packaged sales collateral that can be used to quickly bring your sales team up to speed when a new product or service is introduced.

Improve Your Proposal Win Rate. We’ll help you stay “on strategy” when pursuing your best prospects and opportunities.  We’ll help you develop winning proposals that are focused on your customer’s needs and significantly improve your proposal win rate.

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