Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a great way to find out what’s current and relevant in your marketplace, increase your reach and help raise your online presence.


Generate leads, drive website traffic, and build brand awareness

Social media marketing is great for engaging with your online community, strengthening customer relations and connecting directly with your target audience. But in order to get the most from your social media marketing activity you need to start with a plan and a clear understanding of your social media objectives.

Create a Buzz and Build an Online Community.  Create compelling material that gets people talking.  We’ll create a Social Media strategy that makes you a voice in your industry. We’ll conduct a Web site assessment to benchmark your Web presence.

Smart entrepreneurs and top executives are leveraging digital channels—connecting with others, becoming better community citizens, and, ultimately, making strategic business moves that are increasing revenue, awareness, and overall success in the marketplace.

Content is no longer just written words such as white papers, blog posts etc. It is also compelling visual, audio, and interactive content.

Create rich conversations.

We’ll help you create a social media strategy that will grow y9our brand and generate leads.

We’ll help you leverage social media to get in conversation with the entire decision making unit, including the elusive C-level executive.

We’ll make sure you have the right tools for listening and monitoring in place.

We engage our clients on a retainer basis over a 6 or 12-month term with the option to renew. We strive to create a long-lasting partnership.

Our Social Media Strategies focus entirely on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and blogging.
Twitter: Start conversations with your best customers.

Blogs and Microblogs

Know who to talk to, and how to reach them. Reach more people with a single message that spans multiple social networks.  We’ll help you leverage blogs and microblogs to demonstrate thought leadership.

Share your thoughts, opinions, stories.  We’ll help you create short and punchy blogs featuring personalized content that’s based on the blogger’s preferences. As your blog gets bigger, we’ll create a blog classification structure to help readers easily find articles.  We’ll monitor your key blogs and let you know when you need to be part of the discussion.

Social Media Guidelines.  We’ll take a look at where your company stands in terms of having social media guidelines. Then we’ll discuss the benefits of having a more formalized set of recommendations and guidelines for employees.

We’ll also talk about how to make sure you have the right tools for listening and monitoring in place and how to integrate social media into your marketing using the resources you already have.

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