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Many B2B organizations don’t realize the importance of a well-managed and promoted brand.  The brands that enhance the experience and elevate it will benefit from some combination of bigger margins, higher customer loyalty, increased viral marketing, and reduced acquisition costs, perhaps even the luxury of not needing to advertise.  When’s the last time you saw an ad for Google?

Successful CEOs understand that growth starts with the definition of “who we are,” and “what do we mean to our customers?”

Brand development is about delivering a consistent image that outshines your competition. A brand is what your most important audiences say about you. Creating these perceptions is what branding is all about. Great brands forge deep and enduring connections so that you can compete more effectively, grow market share and build loyalty.

To create a great brand requires deep business insight, an understanding of the market drivers and great creative thinking.  For today’s B2B companies, it’s much more about the experience people have with your brand.  Great brands forge deep and enduring connections so that you can compete more effectively, grow market share and build loyalty.  Working together, we’ll create demand.

We understand branding.  Every marketing dollar, resource and tactic must count, and your brand must “speak” strategically in every marketing effort—no matter what the channel!  We’ll help your brand be more focused than ever on building long-term relationships.

We’re experts at understanding the process, developing the research and refining the brand proposition so it reflects your company values and your target market expectations.  We’ll help you do significant things in the marketplace to ensure you’re seen as a distinctive company and leverage your brand positioning.

Increase your profits and grow your business. We’ll differentiate your brand, create memorable messages and show you how to articulate and fulfill your brand promise.

We start with an in-depth research and discovery phase.  This phase is designed to uncover the existing brand attributes and perceptions, the desired brand attributes, and the gaps that separate the two. Depending on the nature of the product or service being investigated, we rely on tools such as surveys, interviews, and market analyses during this phase. We can help with:

Branding projects with complex issues or multiple stakeholders.   We’ll conduct workshops and interviews with management, staff, and clients. We’ll help you close the gap between your current and desired brand.  We’ll provide positioning and messaging to ensure that your brand is communicated clearly and consistently.  

Rebranding: Changes in business strategy require changes in brand strategy. Only when the two are truly aligned can a company achieve its growth agenda. Research will uncover the gap between where a company’s brand is today… and where it can be most successful in the future. The new brand must retain the best of the legacy brand while jettisoning those brand pillars that no longer resonate or reflect current reality.

We can help you capture what your branding is about and the reason why your customers buy from you. We’ll then use this to develop a brand identity that can be used in all your marketing materials and across your business to ensure that you deliver your brand promise to your customers.

Employer Branding. Attract and retain top talent. Engage with your employees.  We’ll help you leverage leading-edge employer branding strategies.  We can help you create an organizational culture that values bottom-up innovation- one that is equipped for better ideas, faster implementation, and increased employee happiness and retention.

We love branding projects, and we can’t wait to talk to you about yours. 

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