Promote Your Wine Club

Savvy wineries have long known that direct sales to consumers are their most important sales channel.

Your wine club is a loyalty program

Your VIPs commit to recurring purchases of your wines in exchange for privileged access to such things as special events, library releases, and members-only access to small-lot wines. Your club members are your brand ambassadors. Smart wineries always reserve top benefits to committed wine club members.

Looking for new ideas to increase attendance and engagement? We’ll help you develop innovative ways to engage prospective and current customers.

The key to success is a robust omni-channel strategy.

Promote your winery across multiple online channels:  build e-commerce sales, put your brand in front of consumers and draw them into your tasting room.

Promote your winery across multiple online channels: Social media, digital advertising, email marketing, SEO and content creation.

Build online sales, put your brand in front of consumers and draw them into your tasting room with a proven digital marketing strategy.

Working together is easy!

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Marketing a new wine club 

If your winery is just introducing a new wine club option for customers, your marketing efforts must focus on raising awareness and reaching a high volume of current customers. Successful wine clubs build their membership gradually, molding this channel to fit their winery’s unique needs.

We’re here to help! We’ll help you get your wine out there in front of your customers and drive them to your tasting rooms and online stores.

Tasting Room Customer Experience

The customer experience starts at the Tasting Room up to 70% of wine club members sign up at the Tasting Room ; it is clearly the top success factor.

Drive Prospective Customers to the Tasting Room: You should be doing everything you can to drive prospective customers to your tasting room. Whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, your website, your PR activities or a magazine ad, make sure that everything works together to drive prospective customers into your tasting room.

IMG_0241We help wineries grow their list of members by applying the key principles of recency, frequency and monetary value (RFM) to target wine offers to appropriate consumers.

We create and manage client campaigns that increase revenue and profit in direct-to-consumer sales channels.

Our industry knowledge, sales expertise, and ability to build relationships have proven instrumental in helping wineries achieve and surpass their revenue goals.

Grow your Wine Club Membership

Market the benefits and communicate with the members, you can increase customer loyalty, your relationship and even encourage customers to spend more money at your winery.

Gifting: Gifting generates profit and doubles your customer base by helping happy customers share your wines as gifts to friends and colleagues.

Measure Results: The best wine clubs use Internet-enabled metrics to gain insights and tweak customer interaction and marketing.

We’re a one-stop shop for Wine Club Marketing Services

• We  help wineries build greater direct-to-consumer programs and develop e-commerce capabilities.
• We create compelling Tasting Room collateral to promote wine club member benefits.
• We help leverage Social Media to build your brand and create sales.
• We help wineries create powerful email campaigns and promotions that Wine Club members appreciate.
• We help wineries track of the lifetime value of their club members. We collect the data in a way that allows for the analysis to reveal how valuable their best customers are.
• We find ways to retain wine club members.

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