Get found and driver conversions through digital marketing.

The Web is the biggest direct-marketing opportunity of all time- everything is trackable and measurable. Your brand should live on multiple digital platforms, from its own website to rich media content sharing sites and Social Media channels.

A good digital marketing plan will integrate multiple channels to help a business to get found online, increase conversions and nurture leads and opportunities through to closure.

Content: As targeted prospects increasingly find you and visit your website, make sure you provide relevant value. To build your digital presence you need to be creating and distributing relevant content that engages your audience and guides them through the buying process. Optimized content and social media participation will drive your authority with search engines and allow you to achieve higher ranks for specific terms.

As targeted prospects increasingly find you and visit your website, it will give you the opportunity to provide relevant value and capture sales leads.

Turbo boost your sales. Our digital strategists can provide a comprehensive online tool set: search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click, email, Google Adwords, webinars, and Social Media, all working in concert with your offline campaigns. How does our advice help your business grow?  It’s simple really:

  • We help you get found online by more qualified visitors.
  • We show you how to convert more visitors into leads.
  • We give you advice on how to close those leads efficiently.

Capture Sales Leads. We’ll help you build an Ideal Customer Profile and strengthen your ability to reach and convert these prospects when they are ready to buy.

Leverage your online investment: We’ll make it our business to show how every person interacts on your Web site, where they went next and how they bought from you-a powerful tool to justify every marketing expenditure. We’ll build an internet marketing strategy: a customer-centric approach that targets the high ROI sales channels and tactics that you need.

Digital Marketing Audit.  Recognizing the growing importance of online marketing, we’ve developed a Digital Marketing Audit. Contact us to conduct a review of your online marketing activities.

Engage your audience in an ongoing, two-way dialogue. We’ll help you focus on the experience of the person visiting your web site. We’ll help you leverage your brand assets and create online marketing strategies.

Targeted traffic= increased sales. We’ll develop custom online strategies to drive leads, support your sales force, increase sales, improve customer relationships and improve your ROI.

Reduce costs while increasing leads. We’ll show you how your landing pages should be integrated with your other marketing channels for better results as well as tips on landing page design and testing methods you can do today to improve campaign performance.

Find Customers with Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  SEO is one of the most cost-effective and trackable ways to deliver interested prospects to your website.  SEO starts with knowing what keywords are important so we can create content that delivers what the search engines are looking for. Let our SEO team drive more qualified leads or sales for you now.

Watch your web traffic grow.  Boost your search engine rankings. Our strategic SEO consultants will help you boost your search engine rankings by making your website’s content search engine friendly. We’ll take the time to understand your customer base and partner with you to move them through their entire search process..

Control content and keep it fresh and optimized.  Matching your content to the people that are searching for that content is the job of the major search engines, which is what they do brilliantly.

Pay-per-click Campaigns. We can design, run and manage pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns through sponsored ad words  (Google) your site will feature on the major search engines against your chosen key words and keyword phrases. By properly managing the key words you bid on and creating optimized pages on your website for your visitors to land on (landing pages), we’ve been able to provide significant ROI.

Boost awareness and generate demand. We understand the balance between search engine optimization (SEO) copywriting and writing to generate sales. We’ll develop and implement an SEO strategy that will boost your website’s organic searchability and drive more people to your website than ever before.

Publish a site you can easily manage with a Content Management Strategy (CMS):  Want to stay ahead of the crowd, rank high on search engines, and reach millions of prospective customers? A content management system will put you in control of the content of your web site making it easy for you to keep things relevant and up to date.

Gain the valuable feedback you deserve.  We’ll get your customers to click through to various web pages, complete forms and post comments at the end of articles.

Web Analytics is critical to improving the measurable results of any website promotion program. We will help you understand where traffic comes from, where they go, and more importantly the return on their investment (ROI).

Better Blogging for Business.  Blogging is a great way to create fresh content thta draws search engine visitors to your website. We’ll help you use blogs to make your website a hub of interest and build powerful online connections everywhere your customers live.

Gain visibility with customers and prospects. We’ll work with you to craft the message, and design and build the delivery vehicle that you will need to reach your customers.

Drive Traffic to Your Website. We’ll create online articles that link to your website to drive traffic to your site. We’ll help you create messages that can be shared across social networks, blogs, and virtually any website. We’ll help you gain valuable feedback: our digital campaigns are designed to make sure you reach people where they are and make it easy for them to talk back to you.

We can work with you on your digital marketing plan, to help identify your target markets and understand the key issues faced by your target audience, put together the story of how you can resolve those issues and identify methods of acquiring new customers.

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