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Want to Stand Out?

Your winery’s brand message is often modified by users across the universe of sites including mobile apps, marketing agents, ecommerce portals, bricks & mortar retailers, blogs, forums and social networks. So how do you stand out? The same passion that you put into the making your wines is mirrored in the story inherent in your wine brand.


Your story is important. Your story is unique, there are no others like it. Work closely with us and allow us to guide you as we research your business and industry, enabling us to deliver the best results.


Consistency is key when bringing your brand to life. We work closely with you to grow your brand beyond the page and beyond the screen, delivering customized visuals across a variety of media.

We have created new brands with incredible success and restaged even more existing brands, maximizing their strategic positioning. We help wineries gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace with branding services that make them stand out in a crowd!


Our Branding Process

Our approach is collaborative. We listen to your goals and dreams, and then create the best plan to accomplish them. We partner with clients to understand your brand insights, and then leverage those to deliver distinctive, customized designs expressing your brand’s personality.


    First we listen to you. We learn about your company and business goals through questionnaires, collaborative discussions, and research. Through this collaboration, we seek to uncover unique brand insights that will guide and inspire the design process.
    Based on your brand insights, we strategize about the best plan and approach to meet your goals. Each project is crafted to capture our brand insights, design objectives, and project specifications.
    We are hands-on professionals, providing technical expertise and detail-oriented project management to ensure that your projects are delivered on schedule and within budget. Above all, we are committed to exceeding client expectations.

Our Solutions

Our brand solutions are aimed at launching new brands and helping existing brands sharpen their position and identity. We uncover unique insights to ensure your brand has a meaningful and distinctive place in the marketplace.

Brand Positioning

Through our process of brand positioning, we uncover what your customers can and do think of you, and you alone. Then we show you how to use that thinking in a way that’s relevant to your audiences.

Brand identity, logo & wordmark

Your brand identity incorporates the entire breadth of visual components you communicate to your audiences. Creating one that speaks clearly starts with an in-depth understanding of your business and your audiences, and concludes with your logo, colour palette, typography, photography, illustration, online presence and other visual communications.

A name captures the essence of a brand, as should the logo. Upon seeing your name and logo, the consumer should understand who you are and what you can provide them. It should stand out and capture their attention. And most importantly, it should reflect who you are as a winery. We’ll help you create a corporate identity system, from winery or wine logo design to letterhead and business cards, newsletters and product sheets and everything in between.

Name Generation

A name sparks an emotional connection to communicate a brand’s key attributes as a powerful element in establishing its personality. We will help you pinpoint a name that is available, ownable, expressive, free of negative associations, and memorable.

Our Verbal Branding and Naming expertise encompasses brand names, sub-brands, tag lines, descriptors, nomenclature systems, and corporate and brand literature.

Label and Packaging

From the top capsule to the back label, the entire package should be designed with the consumer, the wine and the brand in mind. A strong label should instantly convey the story of what the consumer can expect once they’ve opened the bottle. Before we even begin to think about designing a label, we gain an understanding of your brand – who you are, where you’ve been and where you want to be. From there, we’ll  create a brand strategy to assist in the development of the wine label and its launch.

We carefully consider each aspect of the complete package in relation to your goals and market positioning, to connect with your target audience and stand out in your niche.

Print Marketing Collateral

Print collateral and point of sale material is meant to be noticed, handled, read and re-read. More importantly, it’s meant to encourage the consumer to then go out and buy a few bottles of wine. From winery brochures, wine neckers and hang tags to shelf talkers, we’ll create a cohesive, effective and attractive point-of-sales system to help move the bottles off the shelf.


Increased noise in the market place and decreased budgets for promotions have put a strain on many company’s advertising plans. We’ve developed many successful programs for brands that make use of existing dollars being spent on production and making those dollars work more effectively through dynamic design and promotional concepts. Our work spans both on and off-premise including in-store displays, neckers, coupons, racks, dealer loaders, waiter incentives and trade and media communications.

Custom Bottles

The goal of structural design is to merge optimized function with aesthetics. We design and consider production, price point, quality, and shelf impact. Often, it presents an opportunity to explore alternative materials and forms or utilize traditional elements in a new way resulting in a proprietary structure that has both utility and style. Our structural design portfolio includes solutions for proprietary bottles, cartons, and custom packaging.


Your brand’s marketing strategy will help define your brand. Whether you market through print, web or other media type, getting help planning a strategy that works is key to your success.


Measuring your brand’s return on investment is crucial. With our help, we will help you calculate your ROI and make educated choices, forming new ideas, about your next marketing strategy.


Share your success with us. With every brand that we bring to market, we feel a great sense of accomplishment. We’re proud of the brands we work with. Why not become one?

BC Wine Studio Wine Studio Brand Extension: The Escapist

BC Wine Studio approached us to extend the brand to a subbrand that would help the brand’s reach. The project included naming consultation, packaging, POS as well as advertising and marketing materials. The brand would need to communicate value brabd qualities and would be aimed at Millennials and consumers interested in a value offering, especially unique red and white blend wines. We undertook an imaginative brand extension for BC Wine Studio to create a value brand that was cleverly positioned:

  • Easy drinking
  • Ease of selection
  • Fun and adventure




Signage programs provide information as a dimensional brand extension within an environment. It is a critical element in a consumer’s branding experience that not only fulfills a need for guidance, but also reinforces corporate identity. Our signage portfolio considers context-appropriate materials and solutions for way-finding, identification, instructional, and information signs.

Brand implementation & production

We not only create brands, we also implement them. Enjoy the convenience of having all of your marketing materials produced by the team who developed them (and understands them best). We’ll roll out your messaging and identity elements into all of your collateral.

Branded environments


We offer start-to-finish services for high-impact trade show appearances for your winery.  From trade shows to retail spaces, branded environments let your customers immerse themselves in your brand experience. Make your trade show investment really count. We’ll develop collateral that makes you really stand out from the crowd.

We start the process by helping you articulate your business objectives for your trade show marketing, researching the competition and the real needs of your target market, and then developing a strategy based on your market strengths. We integrate your unique brand position in your exhibit, your event strategy and all related marketing materials. We then build your trade show display based on your brand.

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