Zoom or Facebook Live wine tastings? How wineries can connect amid the coronavirus shutdown.

As Tasting rooms shut down last month to help slow the spread of coronavirus, wineries are missing out on spring marketing opportunities- consumer and trade focused gatherings, winemaker’s dinners and special events that help them connect with customers.

Looking for ways to keep their brand in front of customers, many wineries are looking to virtual tastings to stay connected to their customers. It’s certainly an interesting phenomenon — a different world now without throngs of people visiting tasting rooms.

Across the world, wineries are finding innovative ways to stay open and serve customers as long as they can. Virtual tastings are a creative way to taste wine and bring a personalization to people out there.

Wineries can bring the amazing wine and hospitality to the customers right at HOME.

With a virtual tasting, there’s an opportunity to present the wines, the history behind the wines, the flavours and aromas of each wine in a format that provides plenty of time to talk about the wines and share perceptions with people who can comment live.

Virtual tastings provide a unique and fun way to keep going business going in these difficult times. Virtual happy hours? Invite your friends!

For those who are taking part in the virtual tasting program, wineries can send out email offers so that participants can order a winemaker Virtual Tasting Kit, which is delivered to their home.

For wineries, it’s a great way to bring your winery to someone who can’t go there. It’s also a fantastic way to connect with the winery wine club members and biggest fans- interact, share a smile, talk about the wine and recognize that we are all here for each other.

With people quarantined due to the coronavirus pandemic, why not take advantage of Zoom or Facebook Live to share a glass of wine with friends? Both platforms provide a means for viewers to respond through a comments function.

In this new reality, virtual wine tastings are a great way to connect and enjoy wine!

Cindy Ferrie

Cindy Ferrie Marketing Strategist

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