COVID-19 Impact on the Wine Industry

While this is a US survey, Canadian Wineries should read the Covid-19 Impact on Wine Tourism in the United States.

Not surprisingly, “tasting room sales declined by an average of 75%.”

With the closing of winery tasting rooms and restaurants, wineries have adopted some innovative marketing strategies:

Curbside winery pickup (84% of wineries used it)

Reduced shipping costs (63%)

Special Direct-to-Consumer promotions (60%)

Home delivery by winery personnel (54%)

wine club specials (53%)

Virtual wine tastings (28%)

“Wineries will need to develop ‘best practices’ for tasting rooms that will protect the safety of winery employees and customers while allowing for a pleasant and enjoyable wine country experience.”

What is your winery doing to increase sales during COVID?

Cindy Ferrie

Cindy Ferrie Marketing Strategist

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