The Power of Awareness

Urban Impact’s processing plant often received non-recyclable items that have been placed in blue bins such as paint cans, paint brushes, fire extinguishers, batteries, lawn chairs and pots and pans.

For recycling to work and worker safety, Urban Impact needs to keep their recycling mix clean and free of non-acceptable and problematic items.

To address the ongoing contamination issue, we created a #recyclingitright recycling education campaign to encourage behavior change towards proper recycling habits. 

Goal: To drive awareness and change behaviour

An important aspect of any recycling program includes developing targeted recycling education materials. Awareness of what can and can’t be recycled is a big barrier to increasing diversion. Social media gives us a fun way to instantly interact and engage with hundreds of individuals and share #recyclingitright tips with a wide and engaged audience Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Our social media marketing campaigns are planned strategically, targeted towards a particular audience, and have measurable outcomes.

Planning an engaging new consumer-facing social media campaign is a great way to remind the public about the importance of keeping the recycling stream free of nonrecyclable items.  It is really important to get the message out about the importance of putting only acceptable materials in curbside recycling bins. For Urban Impact, social media has increasingly become a valuable tool to connect with new audiences, share information about #recyclingitright and influence behavior change.

Urban Impact’s #recyclingright campaign was designed to motivate people how to recycle traditionally difficult-to-recycle waste streams and reduce recycling contamination.  Delivering simple, concise messaging was critical to the effectiveness of the campaign.  We know that consumers prefer brands that present an honest, friendly, and helpful brand personality on social media.  Our goal was to create a genuine rapport with our target market by bonding over shared values- #recyclingitright. 

Create Entertaining, Share-Worthy Content

Our goal was to create share-worthy content to connect with our target audience in a refreshing way.

We made sure to inject some personality and continue to develop our brand voice in every social media campaign.

Instagram has been an amazing way of reaching new audiences, in a way that an audience wants to be marketed to

Cindy Ferrie

Cindy Ferrie Marketing Strategist

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