Social Media: Create a winning social media formula that pays dividends in both increased sales and brand loyalty.

Wine is very social. It’s passion. It’s sharing knowledge. It’s sharing pictures. It’s fun. It’s best enjoyed with friends, food and conversation.Social media is about taking all of these things and turning them into sales.

Social media is taking over as the recognized way to spread the word about your brand and its products. Today it is essential to have a digital component to your marketing efforts and sites like Facebook and Twitter are some the hottest spaces available.

Wineries who have turned to social media to remain relevant and stoke interest in their brands are reaping the rewards. Wineries that are using social media effectively are getting more sales and more tasting room traffic. Smart wineries are successfully using social media to grow a loyal fan base outside the tasting room.

Looking for social media guidance?

It is nearly impossible to be taken seriously as a brand without establishing a social media presence. Winery brands are expected to communicate and connect with their consumers online through social media in order to stay relevant.

We’ve been engaged with the online social space since it originated.  We  leverage our background in strategy and brand development as she helps clients move toward out-of-the-box existences in the digital world. We’ve worked with winery clients to hone their techniques to a tight-knit strategy and grow their social channels.

Your website should be the hub of your social media presence– it’s the centre of your marketing efforts.


Know and find your audience: Many of our winery clients have a presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and engage audiences on each of these platforms. To develop these fanbases, we’ve learned what type of audience we have on each platform and have tailored our content directly to each one. Before expanding to a new social media platform, brands must spend time researching demographics and popular content on new platforms. This will inform posting strategies and assist in fan base growth.

Get Creative and Engage Fans! Social Media is a two-way conversation, By including elements that people can connect with (contests, polls, questions, etc.), you acquire that interest. In addition, wineries should put some thought into social media. Get creative. The more interesting a social media campaign, the more engagement you will receive from fans.

We have one winery client whose wine-club attrition has dropped to half its rate by using a little ingenuity to stay relevant with social media (the industry average is 5 to 15 percent a month) – a significant statistic, given that direct sales score the highest margins for wineries among the various sales channels available to them.

Establish a Personality: Wine drinkers prefer to see a face or hear a voice. If it’s the winemaker, that’s fantastic Just putting the winery label out there is okay, but it’s not very personal.

Create an engaging and compelling story about your winery. Wine consumers are often passionate about wineries they have visited and enjoyed.  They want to know more about the people and the vineyards that create the wines they love. That is why it is so important to create an engaging and compelling story to share with fans of the winery or brand. Visitors want to feel personally connected to the winery; they come to the winery to be taken on a romantic and fun journey and that’s how the relationship should be treated. Creating a relationship is vital to building repeat customers for life.

Engage Loyal and Prospective Customers Online

When you have genuine, authentic followers, you don’t even have to ask them to retweet or share your posting, because they’ll do it on their own!




  • We analyze what you’ve done already, tell you how to improve it, and tell you what else you need to be doing to convert likes into sales
  • We’ll research your business, industry, customers, and competitors to identify where you should be.
  • We’ll teach the best social media tools for your winery.
  • We’ll help you to simply and effectively engage both loyal and prospective wine consumers online.
  • We’ll develop a unique content strategy and editorial calendar aimed at creating the most awareness and exposure for your company and brand.
  • We’ll help you leverage Social Media tools like FacebookGoogle+Pinterest and Twitter to build your brandcreate loyal fans and drive sales.
  • We’ll provide one-on-one social media training.

Facebook – Facebook, with its large and active user base, is currently the most powerful social media tool available to wineries. Facebook is excellent in bringing together an online community through Fan Pages. For your winery or where you work, create a fan page where you and your fans can post information, photos and video of the winery. Become friends with other people and invite them to become a fan of your winery through the fan page. Keep your Facebook content up to date by posting pictures, videos, events and links to your club’s website and blog.Responding to questions through comments is a great way for everyone to witness your customer service.

With so many wine lovers on Facebook, Facebook is a great place for your extended family.  Encourage them to post comments and a myriad of photos, images and videos about your wine!

Reward Loyal Fans

Twitter – Twitter is great for social marketing- the audience is there, the conversation is rich and the players are actively engaging.

Use Twitter for engaging with wine-lovers, consumers, industry professionals and leading them to your profile and website. Do you know which users are engaging with your brand? These are your brand ambassadors.  Post your own questions and relevant, interesting wine news to get a reaction. Engagement is key to keeping your brand ambassadors interested. Smart wineries use Twitter primarily to educate fans about food and wine pairings and share facts about the Okanagan and winemaking. The interaction they receive tells them this is what their followers want.

Encourage Wine Club members to follow:  Encourage club members to follow you on social media. Even though they live in Alberta or Ontario, they get the feeling that they’re still here in touch with you, andy our retention rate will change!

Content Marketing – Creating fresh content is more important to wineries than ever before. Your content needs to be honest, relevant, fun, engaging and interactive.  Great content and videos build your brand.

Content marketing lets your customers find YOU online instead of you having to send direct mail or hope someone shows up at your tasting room each weekend.

Campaigns – Using social media as part of a marketing strategy can be incredibly effective, but it’s vital to listen to your customers and join the conversation.  Our campaigns specialize in creating buzz and getting the word out to others within a short turnaround time. Our campaigns are extremely effective, methodically planned, and purpose-driven.

Blogging – Should I blog? Absolutely. Your winery blog should feed right into your websiteBlogging is a great way to show people the human side of your winery and provide information to customers and visitors. A winery blog can highlight and establish your business as the leader in your industry, attract new customers, and create a loyal fan base for your business that champions your wines to others. Our expertise allows us to strategically develop your blog’s content.

Social Media interactive – Do you want links to your Facebook Fan page and Twitter account? Do you want a running feed included of your Twitter posts? We can set that up for you.

Social Media Services

Social Media Strategy – Social media can be overwhelming. After Facebook, the following are the most popular social media tools as measured by unique visitor traffic: Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google Plus+, Tumblr and Instagram, which are listed in order of highest traffic rank to lowest traffic rank respectively (eBizMBA 2014). That’s why you need effective, simple, and streamlined strategies, which is EXACTLY what we’re all about.We’ll help you evaluate exactly how you intend to use social media and how it fits in with your overall marketing strategy.

Social Media Setup – Need help making that first step of setting up Facebook and Twitter? We can help you set up an account, start writing posts and invite fans.

Social Media Content Schedule

Social Media Publishing – We write engaging Facebook, Twitter, & LinkedIn updates (3 times a week) for a monthly flat rate.

Facebook Ad campaigns – We set-up the campaign, write copy & analyze the results, so you get more clicks and traffic to your website or online campaign.

Consulting by the hour – We’ll sit down with you and provide strategic advice on what types of messages you should write, when to post, and how to get more followers.

Social Media Training – We’ll provide “How To” do social media and leverage our “Strategy” experience and best practices for an outreach campaign, with emphasis in understanding the essential tools and support that are needed for monitoring conversations regarding your brand/industry.

Social Media Links: Include your social media links on your website. Let your website visitors know they can find you on Social Media sites.

Monitor Your Efforts: By keeping an eye on your brand while experimenting through trial and error, you’ll hit on a social media formula that reaches beyond the tasting room by: 1) partnering with complementary brands, 2) rewarding loyal fans and 3) educating and telling stories vs. selling. It isn’t about hundreds of thousands of fans, it’s more about the quality and the conversation!

“Cindy has been instrumental in helping us increase online sales. She created a winning social media formula that paid dividends in both increased sales and brand loyalty.”  Mark Simpson, BC Wine Studio

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