Enjoyed reading the WineIndustryAdvisor.com blog, “Where Will Wine Sales Come from Next Month?”

While the blog is US winery focused, there are some interesting observations for BC wineries.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, consumers have not stopped buying wine, but have increasingly turned to other channels for their wine purchases.

Direct to Consumer Sales

Though winery tasting rooms are closed and events cancelled or postponed, wineries have amped up their efforts to sell wine through their website or over the phone; many in combination with offering virtual wine tastings, and it has paid off.

Retailers offering online purchase and delivery have seen a spike in sales.
Online growth rates for alcohol are ahead of in-store sales growth, but the online measured increases were “out of the park.”

Wine Clubs
There is a drop in active wine club membership- “a sharp increase in members asking to be put in hold, which automatically reduces the number of active members, even though they don’t necessarily cancel their membership.”

The blog ends with the question, “Where will wine sales come from next month?”

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