At Seaside Pearl, our wine names have meaning!

At Seaside Pearl, we create wines we enjoy drinking to enrich every occasion – wines to be enjoyed with good friends.

When it came time to name our line of wines, we just kept coming back to Mount Lehman’s historic charm and deep agricultural history.

SeasIde Pearl’s wine names are rich with the settlement stories of the pioneers and early settlers in Mount Lehman.

Their stories have been an incredible source of inspiration for us when we create our new labels!

Meet Seaside Pearl’s Daffodils🌼

Seaside Pearl’s Daffodils sparkling wine is made from 100% estate grown aromatic white wine grapes lovingly drenched by the Okanagan sun.

Back in 1914 when horticulturist Fenwick Fatkin and his wife Charlotte settled in Bradner, just west of Mount Lehman, they noticed how well daffodils grew in the fertile soil.

To express his love for Charlotte, Fenwick planted a gorgeous field of daffodils🌼! It must have been incredible!

A Painting for Seaside Pearl’s 2018 Daffodils!

According to Drinks Business, “The world of wine and art is a comfortable union, with the time and energy spent producing a fine bottle of wine comparable to a work of art.”

For our Daffodils 2018 label, we gave celebrated local artist John Ferrie ( the complete freedom of creation to paint an original paining with the daffodils that expressed Fenwick’s love for Charlotte.

Daffodils Sparkling is an ideal accompaniment to the summer sunshine!


Cindy Ferrie

Cindy Ferrie Marketing Strategist

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