Wines in a Can- the way of the future!

It was such an exciting day at Seaside Pearl. 

A highly technical mobile canning line was onsite for the inaugural canning production of Daffodils to Go Sparking wine! 

The wine packaging industry is going through a phase of transformation. There’s a growing popularity of canned wines.

Naysayers be gone!

Wine-in-a-can is not a fad!  It represents a significant, new wine category that is quickly finding a positive place in the wine market!

Seaside Pearl made the choice to be ahead of the curve and join the wine can revolution! 

Here’s 15 great reasons why canned wine will rock your world: 

Great Quality: Wine is now very stable when packaged in cans. And, when bubbly wines are canned the intended effervescence is protected within the small space.

Freshness: Cans are great for blocking out light. This means light cannot interfere with the wine inside resulting in a fresher product!

Cans’ Smaller Portion Size Allows for More Trials by Consumers: Consumers are more likely to buy a bottle of wine if they have tasted it first. 

Cans Appeal to Wine Drinkers of All Ages and Experience: The recyclable packaging and friendly labels are encouraging a younger audience to enjoy wine.

Ready to Drink: Canned wines are an easy introduction to wine, as they are made ready-to-drink as soon as they are purchased.

Cans are easier to chill: This is part convenience and part environment. Cans chill down quicker as they are a smaller format.

More Space for Story Telling: With a can we are able to tell you more about the wine’s story and the wine. Wine packaged in traditional glass bottles is limited to front and rear labels. Conversely, aluminum cans permit a 360 degree “label. This 360-degree labeling gives Seaside Pearl the ability to convey dramatic artwork to tell the story of Daffodils to Go and make it stand out on the shelf!

Sustainability and Eco-friendly Packaging: Wine packaging manufacturers are laying greater emphasis on sustainability and eco-friendly packaging solutions.Aluminum is 100% recyclable, and packaging wine in cans results in a very small environmental footprint. Cans weigh less to transport, which cuts down on carbon emissions and reduces their carbon-footprint. Cans also have a higher rate of recycling compared to glass.

It’s Perfect for On-The-Go: Canned wine is convenient. Being more durable than glass bottles, cans allow wine lovers to travel with them more casually.  The can is pre-portioned and easy to pack. Consumers can take wine-in-a-can to the beach/pool, outdoors/camping, etc. 

Cans are a perfect portion-controlled pour: Individually sized portions per can means wine lovers do not need to open a full bottle of wine to enjoy one or two glasses of wine! Not constrained by the quantity in a full bottle, wine lovers can drink a glass by themselves! With Seaside Pearl’s canned wine being 250ml and the average wine pour being approximately 150ml it means a can is a bit under 2 glasses of wine, a perfect amount to enjoy in one evening!

Cans are easier to fit in the fridge: Cans have the ease of being placed upright on any shelf. 

Variety, Variety in a Can:  We’re excited about entering the Canned wine market with Daffodils Sparkling varietals! We’ll be adding a variety of varietal choices. 

Cans are great for the wines you already love in the Summer: Seaside Pearl’s easy-drinking (wines that you already love in hot weather) are perfect for cans. Once in a can, wine is only good for a little over a year, making it ideal for light, refreshing wines that aren’t meant to age, like rosé.

Cans = No More Flat Sparkling: No more do you need to open a whole bottle just to enjoy one glass. We’ve all endured a stale glass of wine from a bottle that’s been open too long, or ‘polished off a bottle’ rather than letting it go to waste. And don’t forget the bottle of sparkling which has gone flat because we did not finish it in one sitting!

Cans are great for drinking responsibly: No longer do you have to commit to buying a 750ml bottle for your next party. You can just buy a single can! Perfect for night where you may want to enjoy a drink with friends but also want to be responsible and drive home safely.

Daffodils to Go Sparkling wine is a wonderful option for anyone looking to enjoy 

We are very excited they new Daffodils to Go Sparkling wine in a can is literally flying off the shelf!

Cindy Ferrie

Cindy Ferrie Marketing Strategist

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