Uncork a great Thanksgiving feast this year with wine.

The fruit has grown,the picking has begun, and the sweet smell of crushed grapes has begun to fill the air. Harvest is here! Now, as you are hustling and bustling the yield from the field, is Harvest time is the BEST time to think about marketing!

If there is a holiday that is perfect for wine, it is Thanksgiving. More than any other beverage, wine is ineluctably tied to the harvest and the very core of what we are thankful for.

The best way to celebrate Thanksgiving Day in 2014 is by giving thanks to your friends and family.

It’s well known that holiday wines sales are a huge opportunity for wineries – some report up to 60% increases over normal sales volumes.

A gift of wine for the holidays – popular and potentially very profitable for wineries. All year long, wineries build a loyal customer base with tasting room, winery dinners, emails, social media, events, etc. And Thanksgiving weekend is the big event, for many wineries the most profitable direct sale days of the year.

What are YOU doing to accelerate your winery’s Thanksgiving sales?  Don’t miss out on the opportunity to increase your Q4 Sales.


Gifts: Doubles your exposure

Wine gifting can really propel your sales growth. Gifts are a much-appreciated way to enable your existing wine club members to share their experience with your brand with those to whom they are close.  Wine gifts also maximize your winery’s touch points with those people who are your most loyal fans. Wine is Perfect for every Holiday.

Holidays are synonymous with wine.  One of the best ways for to market any business is to give away gifts to customers, especially during the holidays.  A wine gift is a sophisticated gift that arrives regularly, all year long — a repeated surprise at the recipient’s doorstep.

Capitalize on Thanksgiving gift giving opportunities by offering a festive array of wine gift sets for the holiday!

NOW is the time to develop and offer compelling, easy-to-buy gift options that will maximize your year-end sales. Here are a few ideas to ensure your Thanksgiving offer pays off:

Start planning now:  October 1st is when wineries start planning and executing marketing campaigns for holiday selling.

Set sales goals: Setting specific sales goals – that is of volume, net sales in dollars, average order value and margin – this allows you to build a ‘road map.”  Start by executing according to your plan.  And, as the season progresses, adjust dynamically based on insights gained from your sales data.  Through their purchase behavior, customers will tell you what’s working well.

Make it as easy for consumers to select items from your online store or gift subscriptions.

Start today: Start selling your Thanksgiving holiday packages NOW!

Create a gorgeous Thanks giving package: Customers want guidance when gift shopping.  Curate and propose a Thanksgiving package and gift ideas for them, such as special library and award-winning wines. Nothing says ‘let’s get this party started!’ better than the sound of bottles popping.


Missed opportunities on your Website: Does your wineries’ home page mention the holidays or gifting ideas? Do you offer gifts or mention your wine club as a possible gift?  This is such an easy fix! People love BC wines, now make it easy for them to spend money with you!

Don’t miss out on a great opportunity to make money and build deeper customer relationships on the web. Almost everyone has a wine in the warehouse that they’d like to move.

Change your website home page to suggest a Wine Club subscription as a Thanksgiving gift. Add a Thanksgiving holiday graphic.

Email your Thanksgiving offer

An email suggesting the gift of your Wine Club as a holiday gift is the easiest way we know to increase sales and build a loyal customer list in December.


Be creative with your emails; use beautiful design and professional pictures with compelling Thanksgiving offers. Keep your main message and “call to action” above the fold. With every email, be sure to express the character of your winery! Spread the word.  Talk about your Thanksgiving wine gifts on social media — Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter.  (add icons for FC, Pinterest and Twitter)


Let everyone know, and don’t underestimate the power of great photography!

Relevant offers with a sense of urgency and a call to action are a sure bet. Create your Thanksgiving gifting email and offers ahead of time, and schedule to send them to promote your holiday gifts.


Personalize your Thanksgiving wine gifts: Include winery information in the gift package so the recipient can learn about your winery’s story and your wines; it’s the best way to personalize a gift.  Ship wines with descriptive tasting notes so the recipient can learn on their own. For example, a roast turkey with a spicy stuffing immediately suggests a spicy wine, like a peppery Syrah.

If you haven’t yet organized your Thanksgiving gift promotions, don’t panic. We’ve started some of our clients’ campaigns in the past few days– there’s still time to make sure your holiday sales are bright!

Now it’s time to share. We’d love to hear about your Thanksgiving gifting ideas


Cindy Ferrie

Cindy Ferrie Marketing Strategist