Use us to develop your Wine Club Marketing Strategy

Savvy winery marketers have long known that DTC sales are their most important sales channel.  direct marketing through wine clubs can be a viable and profitable source of revenue

Seek the Ideal Wine Club Member

We’ll help you identify which consumer leads are qualified and turn them into valuable wine club members- and your biggest fans.



Wine Club Offerings and Points of Differentiation

We’ll help you create wine club offerings that set you apart from the competition:

We’ll help you focus on the VALUE of  becoming a wine club member and how this will allow members to become an important and essential member of your family.

We advise on pricing ranges, club level by varietal preference and make recommendations on the value-added benefits to offer your most loyal customers by membership tier.

Segmentation and Tiers

We’ll help you segment your customers based on their loyalty to the wine club and their purchasing power.

You can leverage the segmentation data to further target your customers based on their preferences. We’ll help you develop strategies to exceed the expectations of your upper tier and help make your second tier more accessible.

Build Brand Loyalty 

Create a sense of belonging and build brand loyalty.

We help wineries develop online and offline strategies to promote the benefits of wine club memberships in high traffic areas, tasting rooms, sponsorships and events, on your winery’s website, vineyard updates, PR initiatives, Social Media and sell sheets.

Whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, your website, your PR activities, we’ll make sure that everything works together to drive prospective customers into your tasting room.

Website Content

We’ll help you highlight your featured wine with active and professional bottle shots and labels to promote your brand identity.  And we’ll help you create compelling content- content designed to educate and engage your consumers and sell more wine.

Sales Strategies that Build Customer Loyalty

Capture New Consumers with E-mail marketing 

Email Marketing done the right way, segmented based on customer preferences , with most emails most of the time not pushing sales but providing entertaining, informative or educational information, will result in a much better relationship with your customers.  We help wineries increase DTC sales with professional Mailchimp email marketing campaings. We’ll create campaigns that capture new consumers and help you  measure the visits, get customers involved with your brand and bring them back to your winery.

Track ROI: We’ll help you track the success of your email campaigns by measuring:

Talk to us about creating winning email campaigns:


We’ll help develop tactics to help your staff capture email addresses.  We’ll teach your staff to take the time during the sales process to foster the kind of long-term relationships you are looking to build.


Hosted Insider Events

Drive visitors to the winery with unique and interesting hosted events.

We create enticing premiere events such as wine tasting events, wine appreciation courses, cooking classes and festivals and concerts.  Marketing these events can entail a combination of direct mailings, press releases, advertisements in papers, magazines and wine magazines, collaboration with local tourism boards and chambers of commerce to Social media and online marketing.

Repurchasing Strategies

Fuel the Sales Engine and Grow Revenue. We will help you develop promotional strategies to encourage your members to repurchase, increase their orders and stimulate their interests.

Member Retention Strategies

Make your most trusted buyers stay. We help develop wine club customer retention strategies and give members who wish to exit reasons to stay such as a new entry-level membership as a step down, however a way to stay connected with the winery.

Stay engaged with your most loyal customers.  We develop customer surveys to help wineries determine how their wine club is performing, gain access to their behaviours and thoughts and gather online feedback to see how they would react to program enhancements.


Increase sales through holiday promotions, special offers, and gift offerings.



Tracking Your Wine Club’s Success:  

Track metrics including Tasting Room club sign up rate, additional club member revenue, average Tasting Room dollar transaction and Facebook likes.  We’ll also help you track your club attrition rates, designate cancellation reasons, and calculate the true value of your wine club members.

It’s easy to get started.  Contact us