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Fulfillment doesn’t have to be the hardest part of running your Direct to Consumer business!

For wineries that outsource some or all of their wine club or consumer-direct shipments, the task of interviewing and selecting a fulfillment center can be time-consuming as well as confusing. Many new release and club shipments are outsourced to fulfillment centers because wineries do not have dedicated employees or space to pack and ship several hundred packages at once.

Timely and Accurate Fulfillment

Order fulfillment services today need to provide more than just moving boxes from the warehouse to the consumer’s front door. Now, there are more demands on how the order is handled and the ability of the fulfillment house to scale up for customers with thousands of clients.

We’ll help you take the hassle out of shipping wine! We recommend batch processing your DTC orders to minimize cost and maximize profit.

We understand how YOU want the delivery experience to be for your wine club members.

Ongoing communication with your wine club members will reduce the number of returns and increase your wine club retention because of our value added services.

We recommend notifying wine club members if there is an exception delivering their wine. This can be correcting an address, holding a shipment or re-routing a shipment to a new address.

An effective direct sales program requires a fulfillment partner you can rely on, access to new markets and customers, and revenue-driving marketing and sales programs.

It’s easy to get started. Contact us today for a free initial consultation on how we can help you reach your wine shipment goals.

photo by: Gamma Man