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Thinking about eCommerce and selling wine online? How can I boost online revenues? Today, with almost 300 wineries in British Columbia, it’s increasingly important to pay attention to digital marketing techniques to stand out from the crowd.

  • Looking to grow your Wine Club membership?
  • Do you need to set up an ecommerce store?
  • How can I increase traffic to my Tasting Room?
  • When is the last time you trained your Tasting Room Staff to gather emails and sell wine and promote your wine club?
  • Are you using conversion metrics and industry benchmarks to track revenue goals and unit goals?
  • Need a winery best practice website? How do I create effective Calls to Action?

One of the most important things about DTC marketing is to have a marketing plan. Without one, you can’t tell which marketing tools yielded the most interaction, email list growth and DTC sales year to year. What is on your wine marketing list in 2015/16?

Gain Steady, High Margin, Profitable Income.   Wine producers can now sell directly to consumer (DTC)through e-commercewine clubs and the tasting room.

Specialists in DTC marketing, we’ve working some really great wine brands. Since we’re the team behind growing wine clubs, we know how to make DTC marketing a little less daunting for your brand, too.

Promote Your Wine Club to Your Best Customers

With DTC sales and tasting room traffic being heavily sought after, winery owners are realizing that it’s time to upgrade their physical facilities and promote their wine clubs, pouring their favorite wines including new releases, special collections and hard to find vintages for you to taste … and buy.

Wine Clubs

Wine club members are your best brand ambassadors. Consumers are now more and more comfortable buying wine on line and having it shipped to their homes or offices.

Wine Clubs are continuing to grow and become a profitable piece of the DTC strategy .  We specialize in developing successful DTC marketing plans.

Retain Your Best Customers by Giving Them What They Want

The most successful wine clubs are adapting to customer preferences and offering a differentiated wine club structure, or a multi-tiered membership model, with a range of prices and consumer commitments.

Successful wine club programs offer wine club rewards such as free tastingsgenuine interaction with winery owners, managers and staff, access to private seating, exclusive access to merchandise and additional discounts to members who sign up friends and family.

The key lies in building personal relationships and providing added value to your members.

Email Campaigns: We recommend creating a place on your website where people who are interested in your wine club launch can enter their e-mail addresses. To make sure you get interest, we’ll help you come up with some compelling content- really enticing deals, such as shipping discountsspecials, details of a private winery tour and winery updates.


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