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Once, visitors came to your winery to get the fill experience of your wines.   Now, they visit your winery digitally and what they experience when they visit your website will influence what they purchase.

If you truly want to achieve online success, you need to think of your website as a business NOT an online brochure. If results are what really matters, can prospects visiting your website take an action that starts a conversion process?

Your website should be the hub of all your marketing activity- meaning that this is where you want the revenue-producing engagement to happen.

Wineries are starting to recognize that direct-to-consumer is the best way to retail. Profitable, recurring e-commerce isn’t simply a website or an e-commerce cart.  It’s a whole new line of business.

To be successful digitally, wineries need a step-by-step digital sales and marketing strategy.

Step-by-Step Digital Strategies

We’ll work side-by-side with you to develop and execute creative, comprehensive and effective strategies that get the most out of your online marketing dollars. Our goal is to help YOU leverage the power of the internet to successfully connect with your consumers and grow your business.

Winery Websites: Great Design drives Sales

A thoughtful website encourages users to explore and interact with your brand. Your website should be a primary marketing tool, where you collect email addresses, take orders, and post updated content about your business.

We create, design and develop WordPress websites and blogs that can transform your winery into an internet marketing powerhouse. Wordpress is one of the easiest ways to integrate SEO, plus can also be paired with various e-commerce platforms to provide a full management solution.  WordPress is easy to update. That’s right, you’ll have the ability to change all text, images and add pages & posts on your website.

We’ll spend the time to consider the visitors’ experience through our website development planning process. Every website we build has a built in feature for SEO, so you can change your keywords as needed.

Calls to Action: Use better Calls-to-Action on your signup forms, and to encourage visitors to offer their email to you. Email marketing is consistently the number one way to generate online sales for wineries.

Customer Reviews:Customer reviews are becoming a hugely important signal for both search engines and potential consumers.Encourage customer reviews, both on and off your website.


So many people use their mobile phone to look for wineries when they’re out tasting. Can customers find your winery on their phone when they search for nearby wineries? Mobile usage continues to explode, and as more people visit your site on their Android, iPad, iPhone, or Tablet PC, you’ll need to make sure they get the same quality user experience that your desktop version delivers.

The most cost-effective, web-strategy to pursue that can help you reach your mobile customers is a responsive website- it allows  you to have a website that looks great across a wide array of screen sizes and resolutions.

Capture the Hearts and Minds of Viewers with Videos

Capturing motion with professional equipment that would fit under any budget and leveraging Social Media, we create videos that capture the minds and hearts of viewers and make people feel like part of your winery.



Call to Actions – Do you have action graphics on your website? For instance, what do you want your potential customers to do: Call? Sign up for  your newsletter? Sign up for your Wine Club? Buy Wine Online? We can create custom graphics to fit your needs.

As your winery moves to take advantage of social media, we can help you add a new Facebook page, YouTube channel and Twitter features. We’ll also make it easy to subscribe to your newsletter and join your wine club.

Drive Conversions with Content and Videos

Content is King

The old saying, “Content is king” still reigns supreme, and it’s more important than ever to develop content to spread across digital channels.Content strategy elevates the game to help you organize all contact points in your digital sphere around the same messages, clear information architecture, searchable terms, and compelling words.  We’ll help you increase your overall exposure and awareness by creating compelling content at every stage of the customer journey.

Wine Product Pages with Peer Reviews

Studies have shown that next to trial tastingsfriend and peer recommendations are the second biggest driver of wine sales. We’ll help you incorporate wine product pages with peer reviews in your e-commerce solution. The future of online sales is in integrating Social Media in your website,  aka social commerce.  We’ll help you engage your customers right on your site so they won’t have to leave to read a review elsewhere.

Online Wine Clubs

Having an online wine club sign up is an absolute must!  We’ll help you create a place for your wine club sign up form on a clearly labeled section of your website. We will create a page for the wine club explaining its details. We will help you use Google Analytics to measure your results.

Search Engine Optimization

Through editing and organizing your website, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an effective way to increase your winery’s website presence online through search engines. We will create an in-depth analysis of your current online marketing efforts and provide a cohesive strategy and recommendations to increase your winery website’s online presence.  We’ll help you tweak your site to drive more visitors.

We’ll optimize your website to drive increased sales.

Google Adwords

We’ll help you create a professionally managed Google AdWords Campaign that will not only bring traffic to your site, it will be highly targeted traffic full of likely customers.

Build Mindshare, Publicize Your Brand and Create Interest in Your Wines. We can help you target and connect with wine bloggers for the potential of reviews, mentions and feature articles.

Choosing an E-Commerce Solution

Choosing an inexpensive e-commerce solution means less functionality such as fewer payment gateways, limited pricing, discount and promotional features and less product catalogue functionality. Not to mention the quality of the user experience.  In addition, sites that aren’t optimized for mobile and tablet devices will not be able to compete with those who are.

Finding a flexible winery e-commerce solution can be a daunting task.  You want a system that is flexible and gives you room to grow and change. Wineries need an e-commerce system to manage release periods, e-commerce and offline orders, allocations, and wine club shipments — all while preserving the sophistication of the winery’s message.

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The Customer E-Commerce Experience

We’ll walk through your holiday promotions, special offers, and gift offerings.  We’ll  take some time and look at these offerings through your customer’s eyes. We will review your entire checkout process and look objectively for any barriers. For example, we’ll ensure your calls to actions and buttons that guide the checkout process. We will also review your order confirmation process and order tracking process.

Ready to Increase Your Winery’s Sales and Profits?

Email consistently generates the highest return on investment for businesses among all marketing channels according to online research resource, VentureBeat. Whether your goal is to grow your business, acquire new customers, launch a new Wine Club, advertise a sale or promote an event, your winery should be utilizing email.

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