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Check out the new brand identity we created for Seaside Pearl Farmgate Winery

It was so rewarding to create the logo, wine names, labels and ecommerce website (wwwseasidepearlwinery.ca) for Abbotsford’s newest winery, Seaside Pearl Farmgate Winery.


Seaside Pearl Farmgate Winery is located in peaceful country setting of Mount Lehman, the gateway to Fraser Valley Wine Country.

When it came time to name our line of wines, we just kept coming back to Mount Lehman’s historic charm and deep agricultural history. Our consultations with local historians and long-time residents led us towards names that are rich with the settlement stories of the pioneers and early settlers in Mount Lehman. That one of the world’s most beautiful places is concentrated here seems almost unfair. There is a story behind every bottle of wine, and every wine name.

Check out two of the new Seaside Pearl Labels below:

Landing Road

Landing Road is inspired by one of the scenic roads that wander through the Fraser Valley’s stunning Wine Country.
Early settler Sam Lehman built a network of trails surrounded by rich farmland. The trail leading from the wharf at Lehman’s Landing to the farming settlement was called Landing Road. Surrounded by rolling fields, flowers, and trees, the quiet country road was open for vehicular traffic until 1950. While some of the road remains, the last few hundred metres of the route to the river landing is now a gorgeous walking trail- a Gorgeous Hike You Have to Do in Your Lifetime!

Sam And Isaac – The First Settlers

The Lehman name originates from pioneer settlers Sam and Isaac Lehman. With a combination of instinct and pluck, the two cousins arrived on the banks of the Fraser River by riverboat in 1875, just after Royal Engineer, Albin Hawkins. They encountered a beautiful landscape with fertile soils and abundant water and forests and were smitten by the beauty and grandeur of this part of the world. Sam and Isaac set out to start a new life make their fortunes amongst Mount Lehman’s emerald fields and gorgeous surroundings. Sam and Isaac helped build a wharf for riverboats and log the area for farming which brought many more settlers to Mount Lehman. The Lehman name proudly lives on in honour of Sam and Isaac.

Seaside Pearl’s new wines have been flying off the shelves!  We are excited to be finalizing the artwork for three new Seaside Pearl wines- stay tuned!

Cindy Ferrie

Cindy Ferrie Marketing Strategist

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