How Wineries Can Get a Jump-Start on Driving Q1 Sales: Start Planning Now!

Posted by on Dec 17, 2014 in Direct To Consumer Wine Marketing, Email Marketing, Facebook, Online Marketing, Social Media, Twitter, Twitter for Business, Wine Clubs | 0 comments

There’s still 2 weeks left until the end of the year, which still gives you plenty of time to start planning your digital strategy. Get a jump-start on driving Q1 Sales! Because the next few months will go by whether you plan or not. Make them count! How will you market to your current customers or reach out to new markets? How will you grow your business in 2015? What plans do you have to keep your business on track and stay ahead of the...

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A Tale of Two Tweets: Tweets about Hillary Clinton event lands Urban Impact Recycling CEO on CNN Politics!

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It’s no surprise that Twitter has become one of marketing’s most popular weapons. Personally, I LOVE Twitter for its ability to move news, ideas and content in real time .  I also love Twitter for the following reasons: Twitter provides you with relatively easy and unfiltered access to its field of participants Twitter provides you with real-time access to relevant conversations Twitter Search’s ability gives you the ability to put a...

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