6 Reasons to Retain a Marketing Consultant

Posted by on Oct 29, 2015 in B2B Marketing, B2B Marketing Know how, B2B Sales, Content Marketing, Customer Acquisition, Lead Generation, Marketing Content, Online Marketing, Relationship Building, Reports, Sales Cycles, Sales Pipeline, Social Media | 0 comments

When you set up your business it was probably because you had a great idea for a product or service that you wanted to create that would take away some of the pain businesses face and help make people’s lives that little bit easier. As your business grew you began to offload some of these roles to specialists either recruiting them in-house or outsourcing to agencies or consultants. Or perhaps you held on to some of these roles because you...

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Drive Better B2B Sales Results with these 3 Strategies

Posted by on Sep 18, 2015 in B2B Marketing, B2B Marketing Know how, B2B Sales, B2B Website, Content Marketing, Customer Acquisition, Lead Generation, Sales Pipeline, Strategic Planning | 0 comments

Growing a business is tough today. B2B organizations deal with intense competition, crazy-busy buyers, and long sales cycles. Today’s B2B sales process requires a much higher level of cultivation and engagement.  With multiple buyers, conflicting priorities and complex decision making-processes, focusing on awareness is just not enough. The B2B sales process requires perseverance and tactical planning in order to get in front of key...

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Uncork a great Thanksgiving feast this year with wine.

Posted by on Oct 4, 2014 in Direct To Consumer Wine Marketing, Email Marketing, Facebook, Lead Generation, Social Media, Wine Clubs, Wine Tastings, Wineries | 0 comments

The fruit has grown,the picking has begun, and the sweet smell of crushed grapes has begun to fill the air. Harvest is here! Now, as you are hustling and bustling the yield from the field, is Harvest time is the BEST time to think about marketing! If there is a holiday that is perfect for wine, it is Thanksgiving. More than any other beverage, wine is ineluctably tied to the harvest and the very core of what we are thankful for. The best way to...

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A Tale of Two Tweets: Tweets about Hillary Clinton event lands Urban Impact Recycling CEO on CNN Politics!

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It’s no surprise that Twitter has become one of marketing’s most popular weapons. Personally, I LOVE Twitter for its ability to move news, ideas and content in real time .  I also love Twitter for the following reasons: Twitter provides you with relatively easy and unfiltered access to its field of participants Twitter provides you with real-time access to relevant conversations Twitter Search’s ability gives you the ability to put a...

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Tips for Building Your Winery’s Email Database

Posted by on Oct 7, 2013 in Direct to Consumer Wine Marketing, Email Marketing, Facebook, Lead Generation | 0 comments

Wine is very social. It’s best enjoyed with friends, food and conversation. Your tasting room is a great way to introduce people to your story, your wines. It’s a place to connect, to learn and to enjoy. Do you create a customer experience that takes your tasting room visitors on a journey?  One that educates, inspires and entices. Does your tasting room team have “that extra spark” when engaging with customers? During tastings,...

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