Bordertown Winery rocks at ProWein

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Bordertown Makes the Most of ProWein!   From March 19-21, Bordertown had the incredible opportunity to attend ProWein. “ONLY IN DÜSSELDORF WILL YOU FIND THE ENTIRE WORLD”   You’d have to travel long and far to get an overview like this of the wine industry: More than 6,000 exhibitors from around 60 countries make ProWein the largest trade fair for wines and spirits in the world.   A total of 58,500 trade visitors...

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7 Tips to Kick Start Your 2016 DTC Marketing Strategy

Posted by on Dec 29, 2015 in Content Marketing, Customer Acquisition, Direct to Consumer Wine Marketing, Direct To Consumer Wine Marketing, Email Marketing, Facebook, Marketing Content, Online Marketing, Relationship Building, Wine Clubs, Wineries | 0 comments

There’s only a few days left until the end of the year, which still gives you plenty of time to ramp up your 2016 DTC marketing plan. Get a jump-start on driving Q1 Sales! Because the next few months will go by whether you plan or not. Make them count! How will you market to your current customers or reach out to new markets? How will you grow DTC sales in 2016? What plans do you have to stay ahead of the competition? A well-developed...

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Vineyards of St Tropez, France

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Olive trees and the vineyards flourishing in the Cote d’Azur! Wow! Ah Provence! When you think of Provence, your mind conjures up lavender, sunflowers and wine- LOTS of wine! Provence has the perfect climate for growing vines! It’s warm, there’s very little rain and the Mistral winds blow in from the Mediterranean to moderate the temperature and keep the vineyards dry and free of pests. The vines flourish in the gentle rolling...

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Black Market Wine Co. featured as one of the top 10 Canadian Winery Websites in 2015!

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This just made my day! So fun to find out that the winery ecommerce site we created for Black Market Wine Company was recognized by a New York winery branding company as one of the Best Winery Website Designs of 2015! It was great working with Rob Hammersley and Michelle Shewchuk to create their ecommerce site! The best clients! And now that the secret is out, I am sure you will find out that the wine rocks! Also wanted to say kudos to...

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Wine tasting in Yarra at De Bortoli. What could be better?

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When visiting Melbourne, my husband and I took a leisurely wine tour through the picturesque Yarra valley ( in a wine tour van!) which brought us to De Bortoli Wines. The region has a cool climate, relative to the rest of Australia [it is marginally warmer than Burgundy but cooler than Bordeaux] and its well structured soils are ideal for viticulture. The De Bortoli Estate is one of the largest in the Yarra Valley with more than 240 hectares...

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Create Valuable Reports for your winery in Google Analytics

Posted by on Dec 3, 2014 in B2B Marketing, B2B Marketing Know how, Direct to Consumer Wine Marketing, Direct To Consumer Wine Marketing, Marketing Content, Wineries | 0 comments

Do you want to go beyond a lifestyle choice and actually sell more wine and grow relationships? Savvy wineries have started to recognize that Direct-to-Consumer is the best way to sell wine. Profitable, recurring e-commerce is a whole new line of business. “The wine trade needs to wake up to online sales”, says BlackSquare CEO Matthew Protti in a December 2, 2014 article in Matthew warns wine brands that they “must...

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