Public Relations, Social Media, and Optimized Press Releases: Carry Your Message Further .  Positive editorial coverage in appropriate media, in print and online, can be extremely powerful.

Optimized press releases are an excellent way get your story to the masses, gain attention, increase authority, and build loyalty.

Press release can also be used to complement and advance a search marketing campaign. Online press release distribution can spread your newsworthy message to thousands of targeted media outlets and also generate backlinks to your website.

Creating a distinctive, dynamic media profile is one of our core skills. Our team will engage with the media you want to appear in, giving them clear stories of interest and helping create a more distinctive profile for your organization.  We can deliver your:

We’ll help you: 

We know how the media works.  We’ll match your messages to their needs. In short, targeted, creative press and media relations – in print, on web, or through user generated content such as blogs.

We work hard to make you stand out. Today’s crowded market means the message going out has to be extremely on-target.  We’ll develop targeted messages that increase your online visibility and influence your online audiences. Social Media and social networking have opened up a huge opportunity to improve your public relations. If you want to increase revenues, contact us to connect your online PR messages with search engines, journalists, analysts and bloggers.

Create a clear and relevant message.  We’ll help you frame your message and use online and offline PR effectively as part of an overall marketing strategy.  The result?  The intellectual capital and technical knowledge base within your company can be called upon to generate articles, whitepapers and sector relevant content that will be of interest to your target audience.

We’ve leveraged PR to help our clients generate new sales leads, launch new products and give new life to old ones, enter new markets, establish technical leadership, build brands, and support their search engine marketing and organic search engine optimization(SEO) strategies.

Generate Buzz for Your Business.  We’ll create well crafted positioning to help you tell a great story to the right audience at the right time. We’ll make your products newsworthy and generate buzz.

Stay Top-of-Mind. We understand how to scope the print and online landscape where your business is being talked about, extend the reach to areas where you want to be talked about and turn up the volume! 

Create Online and Offline Media Visibility.  We base our strategies on desired results and craft and execute cost-effective, results-focused PR efforts that will, typically, integrate both traditional and Web 2.0 solutions. 

Achieve significant ROIStimulate growth in sales and revenue. We incorporate the latest communication and measurement technologies to ensure that our clients’ campaigns stay on track during the path to increased coverage.

Online Public Relations. Online PR develops how your brand is perceived on the web. It’s about ensuring your brand visibility is high and your key messages are consistently positive.  Search engine reputation management (SERM) helps ensure good publicity online for your brand. We’ll help you take control of what is found and how your brand is perceived.  We’ll create a steady stream of strategic speaking placements and phenomenal online media visibility.

Stay on the Radar with Industry Analysts. In today’s dynamic capital market conditions, you need communications that speak directly to your investors. We know how to tell your story and sell it to the right people. We’ll start by identifying the key analyst groups who cover your subject area.  We’ll make sure your company’s technology, value proposition and market differentiation fits with the investor profile.

Mesmerize Your Audience.  We coach our client executives on presentation style and interview strategies to help them engage with their audiences.  We’ll help you transform your presentations from a content, structure and delivery standpoint.  We’ll also secure strategic and relevant opportunities such as speaking engagements and participation on panels at industry events, bylined articles, corporate blogs, and media tours.

Green Public Relations.  We help tell the story of our client’s sustainability efforts to create shared value with their target consumer. We do this by creating remarkable, newsworthy content that tells your unique story and positions your brand as a thought leader within your industry.

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