Increase your sales activity and raise the profile of your company, products and services. Successful B2B communications are about dialogue – understanding the complex wants and needs of your individual targets, then responding with relevant and original content.

The goal of content marketing is to increase a brand’s authority and maximize exposure to targeted groups of prospects in a valuable way. Great content helps you interact with prospects without selling.

Creating informative content pieces that are valuable to your target market will build trust. As you build trust and become viewed as an authority in your industry, prospects will want to connect with you and will “opt in” for more information and other value based offers.

Good content marketing can also encourage your highly engaged visitors to share your content, increasing your reach through the online equivalent of trusted word of mouth.

Innovative strategic thinking is at the heart of what we do.  We ask the right questions, research your market in depth and challenge the conventional. Then we put together a multichannel Public Relations program that differentiates you from your competitors and appeals to all its audiences, from the editors of target media to your potential customers.

We love developing and communicating client stories. We understand how to use the explosive and expansive power of the internet to build deeper relationships with your stakeholders and further your initiatives.

Highly creative and passionate, we’ll help you devise your communication plans and ensure that your business uses the best channels to market:

  • Using the latest in interactive marketing communications and SEO building public relations to create strategic, powerful, coherent and effective messaging across all brand touchpoints.
  • We’ll show you how to achieve an integrated communication plan with the right frequency of communications
  •  We’ll help you gain value by implementing a set of interactive communications puts you at the leading edge, enhancing your reputation and growing your business.

Communicate clearly with clients, prospects, investors, the media, and your employees. Great communications allow the right information to be available at the right time, build a strong team, inspire everyone in the organization, and drive growth and profitability.

Positioning: We’ll help you express what makes your product superior to other solutions from the perspective of the target customer.  Our cost-effective processes get people talking – creating the “buzz” – gets the word on the street and people think positively about your brand.

We’ll create unique marketing programs: public relations, e-mail marketing campaigns, search engine optimization, social media marketing, direct mail and sales lead management techniques.

Balance Your Complex Technical Solution with Your Commercial Story. We’ll help you make the complex simple and present clearly so that customers or investors don’t miss the point.

Engage Investors:  Are you facing a major challenge or undergoing a significant change?  We’ll help you develop a story – or brand – around that strategy that clearly communicates to investors what this change will mean to them. Companies with an engaging investor relations brand, synchronized across all media and investor communication channels, have the advantage of delivering focused, consistent messages that lead to more powerful connections with investors through all business cycles.

Newsletters: We’ll help write and edit your company’s latest news. We’ll do all the legwork and package your company updates in an entertaining and exciting newsletter.

Presentations: We’ll help you impress your target audience with a dynamic multimedia presentation that helps you project the best image at your next big meeting, industry tradeshow, or public speaking event.

Create a steady stream of Online and Offline media visibility:  We’ll deliver a steady stream of strategic speaking placements and phenomenal media visibility – both online and offline.

Engage your employees with meaningful conversations. Employees represent a uniquely powerful communications channel to external audiences.  Particularly at times of significant change, it is vital to engage employees in understanding a company’s brand and their role in the company’s success. We’ll help you empower employees with the information and tools they need to communicate effectively.

We’ll help you manage your most important assets, your people and your reputation. From executive forums, employee newsletters, the intranet, employee surveys, or business meetings, we’ll create messages with impact!

Communicate High-impact Changes. Mergers and acquisitions, divestitures, restructurings, downsizings, corporate re-branding, entering new markets or deregulation – frequently lead to employee anxiety, uncertainty, speculation, and sometimes anger and resistance against change. To successfully navigate this change, companies must recraft their brands so they reflect the new reality and convey enhanced value.  We’ll develop open communications to help your employees understand the change at hand, the benefits of the transaction and what’s expected of them.

Reach and Wow Your Audience! Our designers can handle just about any graphic design project—from newspaper ads, to impactful annual reports, PowerPoint presentations, corporate brochures to full-blown website designs.

Annual Reports:  Today, an annual report addresses multiple constituents beyond investors, including employees, recruits, regulators and communities.  The most effective annual reports, whether delivered through print or engaging interactive experience, not only communicate business and financial performance, they reflect the company’s business strategy, culture, depth of management and progress in Corporate Social Responsibility.

Maximize Corporate Social Responsibility Impact:  Employee volunteerism programs and corporate philanthropy can build a stronger corporate culture, strengthen relationships with communities and cast a positive light on the corporate brand.  The key to success is aligning corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities with the corporate brand, achieving both authenticity and impact.

Leverage New Leadership: The arrival of a new CEO, whether through an orderly transition or abrupt change, always demands a fresh look at the company’s brand to ensure that it supports the bold new vision for change and growth and engages employees, customers, investors and communities in transforming that vision into reality.


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