Bordertown goes to Shanghai

Bordertown goes to Shanghai!

We loved the incredible views at the CAMSHAM event for The Honourable Lawrence MacAulay, Canada’s Federal Minister of Agriculture from the rooftop of the Fairmont Peace Hotel.

On Nov.9-11, Bordertown exhibited in the Canadian Pavilion at FHC China in Shanghai.

FHC China is and international food and hospitality trade show.

We were thrilled with the feedback that we received about Bordertown’s wines.

The Chinese wine market is booming!

During the 1980’s Chinese consumers started to discover the international wine market and their taste changed. Here’s some interesting things we found out about the fast-growing Chinese market:

1) White and red wine are slowly getting into the Chinese market however the consumption is still dominated by red wine, especially French wine.

2) When the Chinese think about Canadian wine, they think ice wine. They love everything sweet- hence the number of bakeries on every corner! We even heard of people adding Coke to their wine to make it sweeter! We will have to change that perception!

3) Wine Tastings are numerous in China, especially in Shanghai. There is an interesting combination of wine culture and Guanxi (business relationships in China).

4) For the Chinese, wine has very positive connotations: wine is a sign of civilization, a global product and is good for health. “Wine is good for health” is increasingly used in China to encourage Chinese to drink wine.

5) The internet is the main source of information for Chinese people for wine. Chinese consumers are used to search for information on internet before buying a product. They check everything out on the Internet.

6) The Chinese love social media such as WeChat.

7) Chinese wine websites that specialize in online sales do not hesitate to provide very detailed information to consumers, including detailed reviews.

8) The Chinese were fascinated by the story behind the wine. We were able to show them our gorgeous collateral to showcase our winery and our wines.

9) Ecommerce is booming in China. The major wine sites in China include:

10) Wine and spirits are especially consumed during the festivals in China: Spring festival, Valentine’s Day, National day, the first of May… Wine is also bought as gifts. And the gift tradition is very important in China.

We loved learning more about this incredibly fast growing wine market.

We love our photos from FHC China. Bordertown loved exhibiting at FHC China and learning about this incredible market. There are a lot of opportunities for a wine brand in China. We can’t wait to return!

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