A Tale of Two Tweets: Tweets about Hillary Clinton event lands Urban Impact Recycling CEO on CNN Politics!

It’s no surprise that Twitter has become one of marketing’s most popular weapons. Personally, I LOVE Twitter for its ability to move news, ideas and content in real time .  I also love Twitter for the following reasons:

  • Twitter provides you with relatively easy and unfiltered access to its field of participants
  • Twitter provides you with real-time access to relevant conversations
  • Twitter Search’s ability gives you the ability to put a finger on the pulse of people’s thoughts and conversations at any moment in time.
  • Twitter is global and it amplifies your message.

And what is more exciting than a retweet- when a follower directly shares your brand message with their audience!

A Tale of Two Tweets

On March 5, I had the amazing opportunity to attend the Hillary Clinton event at the Vancouver Board of Trade with my client, Nicole Stefenelli, CEO of Urban Impact Recycling Ltd. About 2700 people attended, the largest crowd ever assembled for a Vancouver Board of Trade event.

Early that morning, I tweeted how excited I was to be going to the event to hear Hillary speak about breaking the glass ceiling. I almost fell over when I received a call from Dan Merica, a CNN Producer in Washington, DC. Dan wanted to know if I would be able to provide some commentary on the event since media tickets to the event were very limited. Dan could at least follow the instant reactions of everybody at the event on Twitter.

“Earlier in the day, Cindy had tweeted that we were going to the Hillary Clinton event; shortly thereafter she was contacted by CNN Politics Producer Dan Merica. Dan asked Cindy to be in contact after the event and debrief him on what she spoke about. Cindy did just that … I also had an opportunity to speak with him, and he kindly included our comments in this morning’s article. Who would have ever thought … Cindy and Nicole on the CNN Political Ticker page!”

Nicole Stefenelli, CEO, Urban Impact Recycling

Read the CNN article

Lesson Learnt: Twitter is a friendly place to be to move news, ideas and content in real time!

Here are some tweets after the event.


Never underestimate the power of a retweet! The Vancouver Board of Trade retweeted my tweet to 12,500 followers!


Personally, I am always amazed when I reflect on how many incredible things have already happened through Twitter. I am looking forward to building more lasting and meaningful relationships through Twitter.

How about you?

Do you think the power of Twitter will increase further? And for those of you who have had success with Twitter, I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Cindy Ferrie

Cindy Ferrie Marketing Strategist